Groupe BHD -  RCY Inflatable Arch Tents and accessories

In the RCY product line there are different types of Arch Tents - one for each special occation designed to fit all purposes.


The tent REYNAUD CAUVIN YVOSE is intended for multiple uses and can be erected in less than 6 minutes for the bigger one (75 m).

The general shape of the tent is a segmented half circle with a rectangular base

The shape of the tent provides an inside bigger volume and a better use of the ground surface.

The tent features a one piece cover and infatable arches interdependent of the roof, the "oor carpet and the walls. The infatable arches are independent and mechanically connected to the fabric.

The door carpet is assembled to the covering fabric thanks to a high frequency welding.

Standard dimensions are:

15 m              20 m              30 m              40 m

45m               60m               75m

Download - Product- technical data sheet INFLATABLE ARCH TENTS

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