ECOROC Environment - The International Environmental Company that has been active in the development, construction and manufacture of Oil Pollution Control Equipment since 1977. 

ECOROC Environment and Unitech TDT are combined business group which have extensive expertise in the area of oil recovery and land remediation. The Company groups are Family owned

Our know-how, gained through many years of experience, guarantees the high efficiency and quality of our products. The Swedish Coast Guard has played an important role in the development of our product range as their challenge demands have caused us to set high standards for the quality and functionality of our products. 

Our goal is to be one of world wide leaders in oil spill combating with our products such as oil spill clean up training, education as well as manufacture a range of oil skimmers, oil water treatment separator systems, sludge treating systems, waste oil incinerators, oil booms handling equipment, mpv-vessels and working boats.


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