Groupe BHD -  RCY Oil spill boom

In the RCY product line are five different types of Oil spill booms for each special occation designed to fit all purposes when ever an Oil spill needs to be contained and retreived

BARRACUDA Booms - Fence boom

The containment boom BARRACUDA is intended to counteract the spread of hydrocarbon floating pollutions and is designed to be used on rivers and offshore.

It features independet floats made out of foam plates.

Those elements are extended to create a draft and are ballasted thanks to a chain covering the entire length of the boom.

Download - Product- technical data sheet BARACUDA


The CANARIE boom is designed to be used in open coastal waters, in estuaries and in harbours to contain the spread of hydrocarbon contaminants.

A boom element comprises hollow elements fitted with spacing floats made of polyethylene foam housed within a double skirt and completed with a tension/ballast chain which takes up the tensile stresses.

Each element is fitted with a ridge band for handling.

Download - Product- technical data sheet CANARIE

Off Shore Boom REYCAU

Each section of the inflatable REYCAU boom is made of two independent cylindrical floats extended by a smooth skirt ballasted with a ballast chain covering its entire length.

 The ballast chain damps all tensile stresses.

Download - Product- technical data sheet REYCAU

Permanent Boom SAONE

SAONE boom is made by fixing a pair of rigid, symmetrical plastic floats to a sheet of thick coated fabric.

Designed to resist abrasion, ultraviolet rays, marine wear and tear and hydrocarbons over a long period.

It is a robust floating barrier with a simple design and reliable construction, made for permanent usage.

Easy to handle and operate there is no need for specialised operators to use it.

 It can just as easily be used to enclose light and heavy hydrocarbons as well as large-scale amalgamated waste.

Download - Product- technical data sheet SAONE

Shoreline Boom ECHOUABLE

The ECHOUABLE boom provides effective protection of the shoreline to avoid oil spillage from maritime pollution reaching land.

It is designed to be used on beaches with smaller waves, in tidal areas and where the water is not deep enough to deploy a standard boom.

The RCY beaching boom is specially constructed with an air chamber in the upper part and one or two water bladder(s) on the bottom to act as ballast when the boom is afloat.

The bladder can also be used to secure the boom to the ground when ashore.

Download - Product- technical data sheet ECHOUABLE



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