ECOROC Environment product range for oil pollution control are as follows

International patent Roto Drum Skimmers that is so fare manufactured in the capacity range from 30m³/hour up to our latest delivery for the North Sea Oil fields with a capacity of 180m³/hour

We also manufacture and promote selfinflatable oil booms and fast boom layers for rapid oil combat. As well as permanent booms and fire booms.

In our oil pollution range we also have Muli-purpose vessel that has been delivered to Greece which can be converted in only 15 minutes from a service vessel to an oil response vessel or a harbor debris-collecting vessel.

Our well-known Incinerator Vulcanus 400 is used world wide in connecting with oil spills or as a tool for oil refineries to incinerate oil sludge solvents and unspecified waste.

The company has also extensive experience in the area of environmental protection and soil remediation.