The active components in the various derivatives are extracted from two varieties of oranges. The pith and seed are isolated and pulverised before extracting the natural biocidal actives with glycerine.

The composition of the resulting product is approx. 50% active matter and 50% USP glycerine. Under the convention of the USA Department of Health & Human Services (FDA) the citrus fruit and extractives are designated as FDA approved under sub section S182.20. The extractives can be blended with other substances which are generally regarded as safe (GRAS) to produce materials which can be used for food and general sanitising applications.

Citrox based derivatives are a mixture of the citrus extractives blended with the following key additives. Note: All GRAS listed unless otherwise specified in specific formulations.

  1. Citric Acid
  2. Lactic Acid
  3. Glycerine/BP propylene glycol
  4. Amino acetic acid
  5. Yucca Schidegra
  6. Vitamin D3

Note: The blended derivatives when applied commercially are covered by our various detailed literature publications (copies available on request).


Citrox natural biocide can be used to produce a range of unique non toxic biocidal products which find extensive use in the agrichemical, fishing and food processing industries.

Specifically Citrox can be used in;

  1. Agrichemicals In the dairy industry as;
    • A mastitis control agent
    • Milking parlour, milk transportation cleaning and sanitisation
    • A recovery preparation for lame cattle In the poulty industry as;
    • A drinking water additive to optimise productivity in layers, broilers and breeders
    • General sanitising of slaughtered birds prior to packing or further processing
  2. In the fishing industry as;
    • A preservative for extending shelf life in fresh caught fish, shellfish and crustaceans
    • General sanitising during processing and packaging
  3. In the food processing industry as;
    • A terminal rinse sanitiser for equipment and utensils
    • For the blanching of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish products (extends shelf life)
    • General sanitising of wall and floors etc.