Cleaning up the seas

At the heart of the vessel's oil recovery role is Ecoroc's patented rotating drum skimmer. The Thessaloniki vessel use the Roto 30 skimmer, which can collect 30 cubic metres of oil per hour and can operate in 1,5 metres waves. The vessel can also be equipped with the Roto 70, which has a 70 cubic meters per hour capacity and van work in 2 metres waves.

The oil is gathered by three shovel-shaped blades and brought to the centre of the drum where it is forced into an archimedian screw. The action of the blades separate the oil from water with vitually 100 per cent efficiency. The oil is then pumped throught flexible hoses into the vessels collecting tanks or a container ready for disposal. Any overflow not collected by the first rotation of the drum is recirculated and gathered in a subsequent rotation.